A new year begins! Last year, thanks to the convenience and comforts of online shopping, (according to Huffingpost Canada), retail stores sold 17% less while online shopping rose by 31%. Lower prices offered by e-commerce remain attractive, and while personal debt grows and a few economic uncertainties follow us into 2017, it makes sense for Canadians to seek out budget constrained deals. It may be interesting to some, that while shopping malls fight to regain profit margins, the behemoth Amazon plans to open outlets across the US this year, pushing their Kindle, digital books, and Prime services. This hybrid-based retail strategy is gaining popularity by even, the big guns.

Major e-commerce growth is expected over the next year in virtual and augmented reality software and hardware, drones, digital download products such as e-books and movies and waterproof phone cases. Voice recognition and translation software will gain popularity as technology continues to sharpen features. Membership-based consumer clubs will trend. Although no one can be certain for sure, considering profit spikes in these industries, it’s a pretty good guess.

Video Based Websites

How-to videos will trend in websites. Check out Milk Makeup as an example. FYI, iNFOTEL Multimedia now offers video services to clients in the Thompson-Nicola region. If you want to get a jump on this trend, we can build you a new video-based site.

I love the ideology that Heather, our web account manager expressed; Just stick to what you love doing. Stay steadfast on what you know is working, because technology is changing so fast, you won’t waste your time chasing a rabbit down a hole.

It is not unusual to wake up these days with a tech hangover. So, do what you love, love what you do and have a great 2017 in whatever business you choose.