Branding is linked to marketing and includes your business name, slogan, logo and colour palette. Branding is an attention-grabbing profile, and critical for cutting through online noise to place you ahead of your competitors. In order to be effective, branding must be consistent. Match everything across the board – your name, logo, slogan, domain name, and colours then stick to your final decision through the span of your business. Changing your branding midstream can really confuse your customers.

Branding and Colour

Colour has a powerful effect on perception (made you look). Do you want to impress your customers with soft pastels to complement baby products, or blues to express reliability for your accounting firm? Here’s a quick-pick chart to help you decide on your first colour. Which one matches your business? When planning your colour combination, try to stick with two compliments and one neutral for balance. Here’s a cool site to play on for colour combinations: Adobe Color

Logos for Branding

When it comes to marketing, your logo is your best friend. This symbol guarantees your identity. Using your logo on digital ads, your website and social media provide clarity and recognition for your customers. Your logo will be on business cards and stationery, product labels, invoices, and email signatures. Your logo is a symbol, not an illustration. Beware of using a complex logo design that may look artistic, but lacks meaning. If a customer sees your logo for the first time, will they know what you sell?

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Example of consistent branding for multi-regional business