Meet you on the dock!

The EZ Dock team serves a huge region – the Okanagan, Shuswap, Kootenay, and Lower Mainland – so needed an updated, Google fast-and-friendly site to accommodate their growing target market. After looking at their modern eco loving docks, you can understand why water-loving BC’ers turn to them for advice.

If you are thinking about updating your website, have a look at EZ Dock Okanagan for ideas. We redesigned their site following the prior design grid for continuity and built for responsive display. We added a second logo, updated their gallery page and added a YouTube feed to feature their locally famous dock systems.


Why rebuild your website?

  • Responsive design for mobile viewing
  • Security
  • Content updates
  • Social media integration
  • Advancements in search engine AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Changed business goals
  • New trends in website design

Advancements in search engine AI – Built for speed

Google now favors fast-loading sites with positive online reputations and active social media feeds. SEO is always a moving target and with their AI thinking deeper thoughts, your site needs to be dynamic in order to show up in search results. Search engines love ever-changing blogs and media like kids love water. Remember if you are writing a blog and have pro-social media accounts linked to your website, they must remain active to stay afloat.

New trends in web design include dynamic or moving content and improvements to security features that leave old sites vulnerable to attack. If your site needs to be rebuilt, give Infotel Multimedia a call – 250-260-7776. We want to chat with you about expanding and managing your online reputation and how having a well-built website is the foundation of your success.