SEM - search engine marketing


Our SEM specialists can create a tailored Google ad campaign just for you!  

What The Heck IS SEM?

SEM (search engine marketing) is an internet marketing strategy where purchased ads boost visibility in search engines. In other words, you buy ads from Google, and your site appears in the top listings for customers to see.
SEM - search engine marketing
Online ads improve the visibility of your brand, products and services. Beyond visibility, they help you adapt and evolve your business parallel to new technologies. Building trust through branding and keeping pace with generational buying trends, is the new foundation for successful business. Ask your sales rep how you can improve your profit margins, build branding and connect with consumers with online ads by
Consumers can find your business
You can have the most fantastic business on the planet, but if consumers don’t know you exist, or can’t find you, your business is dead in the water. Creating awareness to connect supply with demand is a function of online advertising. One of the principal ways consumers find products and services, is through search engines in local directories. When you place your online ads with us, your business is found by consumers throughout the entire Thompson-Okanagan region and beyond.

You can establish an accurate web presence
We help you establish an accurate web presence through our network links and your business details such as address and contact numbers. An accurate web presence is important to meet Google’s specifications on listing accuracy and keyword content.

Online ads complete your branding strategy
Combined with other forms of advertising such as radio, online display advertising completes your branding strategy. Given the potential for online readership, you can now fully develop your company’s image and products by tapping into the internet’s enormous market.

Online ads are cost effective
Online ads cost less than traditional advertising. Small businesses with limited resources can benefit by reaching millions of internet users and entrepreneurs can now advertise to a broader audience because of the rise in our online readership.

Design a professional image and gain trust 
Online ads place small and new businesses on the same playing field as large established businesses who enjoy mature branding and customer loyalty. Our experienced artists can design your ad to develop your professional image and gain the trust of your customers.

Creative Control
Your business is a reflection of you, and even though you may recruit advice from time to time, you know who you are and where you and your business is going. You have goals, and you have a mission. With online ads, you can creatively personalize your graphics to meet those goals. And with us, nothing goes into print until you approve the final design.

Feedback from online ad placements
Efficient target marketing is the act of streamlining your online ads directly to your designated target. Understanding your target market means you only spend money on advertising where there is definite interest.

Capture sales through remarketing
Your customers may not click your banner ad the first time they see it, but with remarketing, the second or third time they see your logo or read your slogan, you remind them that you have a solution to their problem or the product they need. Online ads are your great reminder leading to more clicks and consumer sales

Exposure on the region’s premier business directory
When you place your online ad with InfoTel Multimedia, you expose your business to a platform experiencing 5 million business searches per year. With live web links, maps and local news, we help you develop your local online presence and profit from this exposure.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEM describes the system put in place by search engines such as Google to accept payment to place your website higher in their results.

SEO describes the act of altering your website’s code and content to present itself as a better candidate for a high search result placement from a search engine.

Pro Tip – SEO should always be completed before an SEM campaign is undertaken as a poorly optimized site (with a low quality score) actually costs more to promote. Google is smart enough to charge more for poor sites to pretend they are better than they are.

S.E.M Plans and Pricing

We have the perfect SEM plan for your business and budget. Don’t worry about the logistics. We have SEM specialists on staff that set up, manage, read and report analytics back to you. Enjoy the profits of marketing and leave the work to us.

*All packages are based on a minimum 4 month commitment.


In addition to our standard packages, we can work with you to develop a custom solution that’s perfectly suited to your business. Talk to us.

SEM - search engine marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Couldn't I just manage my own SEM campaign?
Sure you could. SEM however is for most people a painstaking and arduous task. We have people who like doing that sort of thing. Get them working for you.
Can you run SEM on a website built by someone other than Infotel??
Yes. SEM however is most effective when the website has been optimized for search engines (SEO). SEO gets done on every website we create. We can check your site for you and let you know if it needs optimization.


Can you perform SEO on a website that was not created by InfoTel Multimedia?

In some cases, Yes. Websites built by someone other than InfoTel will be subjected to a source code inspection. If our SEO specialists determine that they can optimize your website with confidence, SEO can proceed.

Who writes the ads?
You will have as much input as you’d like and get final aproval on all ads. Once the campaign is underway we will be constantly tweaking your ads to optimize your results for every dollar spent.
Do I get access to the analytics?
We’ll send you monthly reports.
Can I do a weeklong campaign?
Nope, sorry just 4, 6, 8 and 12 months.
Can I take over my campaign?
If you wanted to continue your campaign at the end of the contract we can simply transfer it over to your own Google account.
Can I see some numbers?
Absolutely. We’ll put our SEM numbers up against anyone in the industry. You can download an actual report (with the specific company name removed for their privacy) directly from here: SEM-Sample-Report.pdf
How much should I be spending on SEM?

There is no simple answer to that question. It will depend on your business type and the amount of competition in the area you are operating your business. More competition means you’ll have to fight harder to come out on top of your competitors. Generally, the way Google ads work is that your chosen keyword (plumber, dentist, baker etc.) are up for auction to all those who are paying for google ads in the same geographical area as you. You can choose how much you’re willing to pay whenever a customer searches for that keyword and clicks your ad. This is your keyword’s maximum cost-per-click, or max CPC, bid amount. As long as your settings are set to pay more than your competition you will come out on top. 

The real trick is figuring out how much a certain keyword is worth in your area, finding out what your competition is willing to pay and then beating their bid. Then you need to try to understand how many potential customers are actually looking for the product or service you are providing and hit them with just enough ads to scoop them all up. If you offer to pay too much as a max CPC then your campaign will run out of funds before the month is over leaving potential customers on the table. 

If this all sounds tricky, it is. It’s about balance and testing – and then testing and tweaking some more. Our SEM pros monitor your campaign carefully and we send you monthly reports with detailed metrics showing how you are performing. 

So, how much should you be spending? The answer to that can only be given after testing your market. Generally, starting low and increasing the budget until the sweet spot is found between cost, market saturation and your business’s capacity.

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