Infotel Multimedia Launches New Contractor Website

We’ve launched a new four-page website for Homerun Roofing in Kelowna with their goal of establishing a web presence for their company and generating requests for roofing services. We added their Facebook feed and Google reviews to their site for community engagement. Five-star reviews add impact to a website because they build on community trust and proof of workmanship. While a well-built site shows up in the top listings of Google or Bing, positive reviews and comments are a vital key to marketing. Building an online presence takes time, but as you generate interest in your business, the obvious profits will follow, including reaching your target market. When you clearly define who you are marketing to – or who buys your services – your website content can be streamlined to attract that specific group of consumers.


Website Galleries Highlight Your Product and Skills

Project galleries provide a clear visual of your work so customers can fall in love with your craftsmanship. If you are taking photos yourself, clear the scene of background debris, and make sure the image is in focus for high quality viewing on a PC. The best possible scenario is hiring a professional photographer so your website gallery looks stellar. Showcase galleries, when presented appropriately, can be very successful in influencing customers to pick up the phone and call you.

If you work in the trades, we can build you a website. Infotel Multimedia has professional photographers, videographers and content writers on staff to help you through the design process and create and prepare the content you need for a website. Call us for a 250-260-7776 to discuss your options, or answer any questions you may have about how to launch your business online.

Homerun Roofing is also listed in our directory, where you can read their Google reviews and business info.

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