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You Qualify for Native Advertising

Native advertising is a type of advertising that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. The word "native" refers to this coherence of the content with the other media that appears on the platform. It's a great way to engage your customers in a new way.

Sponsored Content and Business Spotlights are created by InfoTel Multimedia staff on behalf of an advertiser or sponsor. The content is created by a writer, who is not a member of the iNFOnews editorial staff. The content is presented in such a way as to make them clearly distinct from iNFOnews editorial content.

Sponsored Article Example

A sponsored article is an article of general interest sponsored by a related business type. It does not directly reference the ad's sponsor but is provokes interest in the topic at hand and then offers the ad's sponsor's logo as a direct web link.

Business Spotlight Example

Business Spotlights are articles of interest about a local business and/or products they offer and the article is sponsored by that business. Example published is titled “Speed Safety Handling – Subaru”. The article is an interview with an Anthony’s Subaru salesman who speaks about the benefits of Subaru vehicles. 


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Free Category Banner

Every iNFOtel client receives one free category banner. It will display as shown below.

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Homepage Advertising Checklist.

Below are all of the things we need to complete to begin the process of launching an iNFOnews ad campaign.
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Homepage ads require 10 business days lead time.
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When uploading, please use descriptive file titles for your images

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1. This agreement will become a contract when signed by the Applicant (the Customer) and Infotel News Ltd (the
Vendor). This Contract contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto for the products and services
described therein and cannot be changed, altered or cancelled except by written agreement signed by all parties
hereto. Neither party shall be bound by any oral agreements or special arrangements contrary to or in addition to the
terms and conditions stated herein, and no agent or employee has the authority to vary the terms of this application.

2. The Customer agrees to pay the Vendor the amounts for website services as specified on the face of this agreement.
This agreement cannot be cancelled without penalty after ten (10) working days of the date signed. Cancellations
must be received by Infotel News Ltd - Officesin writing addressed to PO Box 1254, Vernon BC, V1T 6N6 or via email
addressed to

3. Deposits made in accordance with this contract are refundable only at the discretion of the Vendor. In the event the Vendor agrees to cancel this contract, any payments or deposits made by the Customer may, at the discretion of the
Vendor, be applied to commissions, third party charges and administration costs. No refunds will, however, be made
unless and until all charges for commissions, administration costs and any other charges incurred have been paid in
full by the Customer.

4. Vendor agrees to exercise responsible care that the information presented on in the ad is correct and accurate
based on information provided by the Customer. A proof will be provided to the Customer prioir to activation
for the purposes of making corrections as required, and for final approval. It is mutually understood
that on final approval by the Customer shall be assumed to be correct.

5. The Customer agrees that the Vendor shall not be liable for errors or omissions in ad content beyond the
amount paid for the service up to the date of discovery of the error or omission.

6. The Customer warrants that they are the owner of, and entitled to use, or are duly authorized by the owner and
entitled to use any copy, cuts, illustrations, trademarks, trade names and other intellectual property which may
appear on the ad. The Customer agrees to defend and indemnify the Vendor from any and all claims, demands,
suits, losses, damages and adjustments which may arise from or are claimed to arise from the use of such copy, cuts,
illustrations, trademarks, trade names and other intellectual property, together with expenses including attorney fees
and court costs incurred by the Vendor.

7. The Customer agrees to assume sole responsibility for the protection of its proprietary interest in any ad
Payment for one-time products/services will be taken on delivery.

8. A late charge of 2% per month and / or the highest contract rate allowed by law will be charged on any balance
unpaid as of the due date. If the Customer defaults in paying when due, the Vendor may, at its option declare all
outstanding charges due and payable, along with any reasonable attorney fees, court costs, and other reasonable
expenses incurred if it becomes necessary to exert these means to affect collection.

9. If the Customer sells or assigns their business then this contract will be considered part of the sale and / or
assignment and the amount of any monies remaining due on the contract shall be paid out of the proceeds of the
sale. The Customer also agrees that any expenses incurred including reasonable attorney fees, court costs, and other
costs incurred by the Vendor to enforce the terms of this agreement or in the collection process be added to become
part of the amount due.

10. The Customer will not be entitled to claim, directly or indirectly an loss, damage or expense of any nature or kind
whatsoever or any other form of compensation from the publisher whether such claim is based on a cause of action
in tort or in contract (including but not limited to fundamental breach of contract) arising from or related to the
performance or non-performance of any of the Vendor’s obligations hereunder.