NATIVE ADVERTISING: Sponsored Content or Business Spotlight?

In a Nutshell: Native Advertising is Paid Content

Content is King, and when advertising publishers and business owners collaborate by offering interesting and beneficial information to the public, engagement happens (share, engage and react), and that’s the end goal. High-quality stock photographs are included in each article and can be chosen by the sponsor for purchase from our Adobe Stock account.

We offer native advertising in two options; business spotlights and sponsored content.

Business spotlights are interview-based articles focused on a specific business and the entrepreneur’s experience. Business spotlights are individualized and unique, allowing business owners to reach potential customers in a personalized manner.

Examples of business spotlights:

Subaru – A Car That Fits Lifestyle
Beyond a Big Box Pharmacy
Historic Craft Moves Into 21st Century

Sponsored content is written on popular topics then paid for by sponsors who place their ads strategically on the page. Subjects are based on community issues and trends, usually seasonal, and offer the reader benefits in the form of fact-based and how-to articles. The beauty of sponsored content is flexibility for the publisher, and benefits to readers.

Examples of sponsored content:

The Importance of Winter Tires
Drinking? Arrive Home Safely!
Winterizing Your Car – Be Prepared!

Benefits of native advertising:

Articles can be used to generate engagement then conversion. Everyone benefits from native advertising; publishers, advertisers and readers. These articles aren’t written as – and do not read like ads. This promotes readership. Shareworthy articles with high-quality photographs promote products and services.

If you would like to explore native advertising, we invite you to contact us for options that match your business plan. We are a team of experienced product reps, graphic artists, writers, website developers, SEO and SEM specialists, all passionate about our work and love sharing what we know with the business community.