Logos and Business Identity

Your logo is a symbol that identifies your product or service. With reams of information and image overload now expanding our sight-line, it is hard at times to put basic information in a ‘nutshell’. Yet, that is what your logo must do so that at a glance, you remind the world of your identity. If you want to see the power of a well-designed logo in action, think of this;

The Nike Logo on the Infotel Blog

The Nike logo is a great example of product identity.

Are you reminded of Nike, their slogan, Just do it!, running shoes and sportswear? Of course, you are. We all are. And that is the power of logos.

Logos and Marketing

When it comes to marketing, your logo is your best friend. This symbol guarantees your identity. The more you use it in conjunction with your online advertising, website development and social media sites, the faster you can network business development possibilities.

Remember, use your logo on:

  • Your website (top left or center of the header area)
  • Business cards
  • Business stationary
  • Online and printed ads
  • Product labels
  • Invoices along with your business name

There are three basic types of logos – Symbols, Fonts, and Designs

Symbolized logos have already been discussed by the Nike success story, but if you prefer a font (letter) logo, or combination of letters, make sure the font is easy to read and has definite connection to your business. Designs are a little more detailed, but should also mirror your business without added distractions that look artistic, but mean nothing. Even though you are creating a designed logo, focus on keeping it simple. Using three colors or less will help streamline the image. If you decide to use color though, remember to stick to your designated business colors.

The Swan & Mallard, a great example of a design logo:

A free online logo maker by Canva is available here: https://www.canva.com/create/logos/

If you prefer a professional logo designed by one of our graphic artists, we can prepare some samples for you. Until then, happy logo hunting and have fun in business, wherever you are!