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We understand that you’re busy running your business! We make it our business to know how to build a strong media presence for you.

Social media is the most powerful tool for business-to-customer engagement available today. When strategically managed over time, social media posts attract new customers by boosting online traffic to your website and bringing more customers through the door.

At iNFOTEL MULTIMEDIA we offer a variety of Social Media Management (SMM) packages to suit every budget. We will create posts for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn that inform and build a loyal customer base. We watch the results (visitors to your website, products ordered, phone calls placed, etc.) and consult with you to make regular adjustments to your SMM campaign.


Your Certified Facebook Marketing Partner

Facebook is the number one social channel in the world, with the power to connect millions of viewers to your “online storefront”. Our marketing partnership with Facebook means we have established the expertise to build campaigns, post to your Facebook page, run analytics and recommend how to reach more customers with appealing advertising. As your Social Media Management (SMM) partner, we will work tirelessly on posts and ads that will focus on target markets and increase sales.

Instant Appeal to a Younger Generation

Instagram is all about attracting followers to support your brand and socially encourage sales. Work with us to gain a huge following on Instagram through the use of animation and storytelling, connecting your sales team with potential buyers. An SMM campaign will develop high quality hashtags and report Instagram analytical results back to you.


Video Advertising with YouTube™

Get on board with the fastest trend in business marketing – video advertising – with a new YouTube™ channel. Our SMM team will help you attract and keep more visitors reading your website through a YouTube™ video stream. With billions of viewers, YouTube™ is the world’s 2nd largest search engine, and a very powerful advertising platform as well. We’ll help you analyze the most effective way to use the YouTube™ platform to increase business. Call us to connect with one of our local videographers who will visit you onsite and film your story. We set up, edit, create content, post, and manage YouTube™ accounts for clients.

Using Twitter to Inform and Connect with Your Customers

Twitter for business needs a steady schedule of tweets to keep your audience informed and growing. Our social media team creates accounts and posts regularly, using creative attention-grabbing content. There are more than 300 million users on Twitter actively seeking to keep up with the latest products, services, and company news, and we help you to reach them.


LinkedIn Accounts and Articles for Professionals

This social media platform is written for a different audience – a business account with LinkedIn is designed to target professional audiences. LinkedIn is all about the B2B – it’s where business professionals meet. We create posts with business-savvy articles to push you ahead of your competitors and grow your audience.

Connect with us and start using social media to your advantage. Partner with our Social Media Management experts to connect with wider audiences. We will simplify the complexity of so many choices of social media platforms and give you more time to run your business.

We will simplify the complexity of so many choices of social media platforms and give you more time to run your business.

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