What is sponsored content?

In a nutshell, sponsored content is content marketing. Written as an article in an online publication, they read like editorial content but are paid for by a sponsor, or advertiser. A sponsor’s goal is to gain the attention of readers to promote their advertisement, which appears on the content page. The length of an article will vary but generally stays within a 250 to 500-word count. Keyword rich for search engine optimization and directly on-theme for the advertiser, these articles deliver benefits for both the reader and advertiser. The question is, when it comes to marketing your product or services, does sponsored content work?

Sponsored content works!

Sponsored content successfully markets your business because you attract readers who are looking for what you offer. In other words, your customers come directly to you. If the content is valuable and relevant, or even entertaining, your customers engage by staying on the page long enough to read the article.

Where can I get content?

A great resource for digital content is your company blog. (See: Why Write a Company Blog) Take your favourite article along with the images, and submit it to an online publisher. If you don’t have a blog on your website, there’s no time like the present to start one. Blogs are a very effective way to connect with your community, and that’s what content marketing is all about. Another option is to write a single SEO optimized article yourself (harder than it seems, I know) or hire a copywriter. Here in the Okanagan we have Read Head Copywriting, and iNFOTEL Multimedia also has writers on staff that can sculpt an article directly on target with your theme.

Then what?

You can submit content to management sites like Taboola. As a paid campaign service, Taboola will promote your content on top publisher sites across the globe. Of course, if you have a brick and mortar business, or if your service area is local, it’s best to submit your article to a local business directory that targets your customer base.

InfoTel Multimedia sets the standard for excellence in the directory and web publishing industry by providing unique services tailored to advertisers and end users. We provide cost-effective coverage for advertisers with many added features to entice the end user. One of these features is sponsored content. If you feel this style of marketing would work well for you, we invite you to give us a call.

Examples of Sponsored Content