Congratulations to The Children’s Place Childcare Centre in Kamloops on launching their new website!

The Children’s Place Childcare Centre is a fully licensed group daycare facility in Kamloops BC.

Their Philosophy:

“At Children’s Place Childcare Centre, we believe that children should be provided with a safe environment where they can develop their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills through play. In order for children to further develop these skills, we will provide developmentally appropriate learning materials and many opportunities to work on their social skills throughout the day. There will be opportunities for children to explore their environment through free play, as well as pre-planned structured activities such as music, art, yoga, science, math, etc. Kindergarten readiness skills are practiced throughout the daily program. Each child has a different rate of development and this will be taken into consideration when program planning and the learning materials are provided. I feel that it is just as important for children to work on their gross motor skills and just enjoy playing outside! The children will be provided with the gym, large climbing structure and a huge field to run, explore and just enjoy the seasons. I hope to provide a caring, safe environment and positive environment for your children to grow and learn during their time spent at Children’s Place Childcare Centre.”

daycare centre photos of books and desks

For more information on class scheduling, enrollment and contact information, please refer to their new website.

See their listing in our directory or the business search under Daycare Centres. Their new website was built by InfoTel Multimedia’s creative team.