Top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) is the brand that immediately comes to a customer’s mind when thinking of a specific product. This is exactly the way you want your customers to think because TOMA means they are most likely to buy from you. When you concentrate on branding your product by standardizing your business name, domain name, images, and keyword content, you create brand awareness to reach new customers and expand your loyalty base.

TOMA and Social Media

Once you have your branding issues ironed out, it’s time to start concentrating on social media to build awareness. Focus on how you want to your customers to feel once they find you. If you sell art supplies, for example, you will want to reflect the feeling of creativity, maybe even freedom and excitement. If you are advertising yourself for construction services, you will want to convey professionalism and industry knowledge. Whatever you decide as a persona, stick to it by keeping your focus, and push that image out into e-space through social media.

Building TOMA for business doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is some time to focus on branding. Then, reach out with your persona to create and keep friendships. What you’re really doing, is building your image so you immediately come into the mind of your customers. Happy selling!

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