Consider It Done Bookkeeping has a new website! This site was built in soft colours, with an uncluttered style and easy navigation. A snippet from the Home page: “Consider it done bookkeeping (CID) is a hands-on boutique bookkeeping company for small to mid-size companies and sole proprietors. With a background in banking, accounting, and CRA, you can sleep easy knowing that your financials are taken care of by the best. We provide payroll, monthly bank reconciliations, accounts receivables, accounts payable, and much more.”

Websites Are Essential for Business

Your website should reflect your persona as genuine, like the “Who We Are” page on Kandy’s site. Well designed navigation-friendly sites make you look professional, creating confidence in the eyes of your customers. We placed social media links on the contact page for easy access to social communication that inspires even more legitimacy to her business. Kandy is a true entrepreneur, and we wish her all the best in the future.

Hooray for entrepreneurs!

Starting your own business is not for the faint of heart, and you’ve had to overcome a measure of fear and the monotonous stability of working for another employer. Entrepreneurs work longer than average hours and have to adapt quickly in changes to technology to further their business goals. Interestingly, these numbers are growing. Our provincial economy is no longer dominated by forestry and mining. Combined, tourism, beverage manufacturing, and high technology is now our largest sector, supported en masse by entrepreneurs in micro business.

Did You Know

  • Small business represents about 98 percent of all businesses in BC and micro business (zero to four employees) represents a whopping 79 percent of small business.
  • Small business accounts for 55 percent of private-sector employment in BC.
  • Small business exporters in BC shipped over $12 billion in goods to international destinations in 2014.
  • In 2015, small business provided 45% of BC’s employment with 1,030,200 jobs. Information and cultural services reported the fastest growth.

If you are thinking of launching your own business, there are many support agencies available to get you started and encouraged along the way. Have a peek at Small Business BC for resources and business education. Some of their webinars are free of charge, and you can phone the knowledgeable staff directly to answer your questions. If you need a website and advertising to expand your presence, give us a call here at Infotel Multimedia. We would love to work with you and encourage your road to success.

See the Consider It Done Bookkeeping listing in our directory, a free bonus for our website clients. Infotel Multimedia is the Thompson-Okanagan’s leading provider of marketing, advertising and web services, and you can contact us by calling 250-260-7776 x107 or toll-free: 1-800-599-5399.

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