Every time we receive a new order, the web department goes wild with helium balloons, party horns and confetti. Well, not really, but what we want to say, is welcome to the world of e-commerce! We are excited you chose us to build your new website!

Collecting content for your new website.

Content collection is our first task. We help you gather all the photos, graphics, and details unique to your business. Along with collecting your logo and slogan, we register your choice of available domain names. You can think about what colors you want on your website to match your branding, and take photos that highlight your storefront or products. Images need to be clear and high resolution. Professional stock photography is provided free of charge, or you can purchase our custom photography service. Heather, our lead content collector will be phoning you for an initial interview to get your website project up and running.

We need your input!

Up to 250 free words of professional content writing is provided, but we still need to know the specifics of your business. How long have you been working at your profession? Are you certified? Tell us what makes your business different from your competition. What products or services do you sell? Purchasing a copy writing package is another option for you to develop your content, but once again, we still need you to communicate with us as the voice of your business. Once your website is launched, you can still make site changes, so don’t worry that your content is set in stone.

In addition, search engines will rate your site higher when your content is unique and relevant with appropriate keywords, so customers find you easier on Google and Bing. Sound daunting?  Our in-house content writer can take the guess work out of it for you, creating keyword rich content for any size website.

Next week we will chat about why it’s important to keep your website content up to date. If you feel inclined, leave us a note. We welcome your comments and advice.