Process of developing a website

Here is how it works generally. Please let us know if you have any questions.

1. Your Website Order Received


We receive and review your website order and the contract.


2. Gathering Information from you


Development Process

Heather will phone you for an interview. During the interview process we collect all the information that we can about your business, including your domain information, what the business is about, key features or unique to industry info, the products or services you offer, logo information, design preferences as to color palate and logo and example site you may like to pattern your new site after. Please be advised that your cooperation and participation in your website project is critical. You must communicate and engage with us in order for your website project to be successful.

We will also need access to Information about your domain name. If you already have one, we will need access to it to get your website up and running. Otherwise we will have to order one for you.


3. You'll receive a website planner form


Development Process

We will send you a website planner form by email for your revision and additions. It contains the information collected during the phone interview. Failure to engage at this point may result in the delay in the design and launch of your website. Please be advised your payments start as per the details on your signed contract and we want you to have your website ready for preview by the time of your first payment.


4. Writing and organizing of your content


We create new content or organize the existing content and send it to you by email in a word document for you to revise or make edits. Please check your emails regularly. Google typically recommends 250 to 300 words of content per page to be able to crawl through for search engine optimization, so we work within those guidelines. We will work with you until you are happy with your content. Please note that you have 7 days to make necessary content revisions, at which time we move forward to ensure you have a product for review, by the time of your first payment.

5. Images, Graphics and Photographs

Development Process

Photographs and your logo or other graphic art you want on your website are a part of the content collection and should be sent in by the above deadline. You have the option of using high quality stock images for no extra charge. If you supply your own product photographs, please make sure they are high quality .jpg, typically at least 1500 x 1000-pixel size and 100 resolution. We offer professional photography and graphic art services. Please phone us or ask your rep if you need more information.


6. Your website gets created

Development Process

Once we have all your content collected, we move forward by sending the project to one of our talented website designers. At this time, the design process takes up to four weeks to complete.


7. Website preview


Your new website is now ready for preview. We will email you the link to your new site. At this point, you still have the option to work with us to go over necessary changes and edits to content or images. To ensure nothing is missed, please communicate your revisions by email in clear point form. Once you are happy with the website, we can launch your new site live! Your site won’t really be found until it is indexed with Google, so there may be a delay from your launch date until you see your site in the search engine.

Search Engine Optimization is getting done and Google will index the page. If you booked any Search Engine Marketing through us, this will start now as well. (Unless another date is agreed upon)

8. Website Launch - you're live now

The website can now be found at it’s address ( and your email account should get set up now as well. You can now hand out marketing material with your website address on it.

Please note that even after your website goes live, we are still able to make changes to content. Depending on the website package that was purchased, you are entitled to free hours of tech support as we continue to welcome your communication.

9. Last functionality check

Once live, we check to ensure again that your email is working properly through the email links and/or contact form on your site. It is highly recommended you work through your site, checking all the internal links and your contact form for functionality. We are very excited to offer new email services to handle your domainname email addresses, including setting up of G Suite, and Microsoft products. Please ask your rep for more information or give us a call. We would love to talk with you to define your email strategy.

10. Enjoy your new website!

Congratulations on bringing your vision to life.

We are still here for you. If you have any change requests or other suggestions, just let us know and we are happy to help you.