Expect stuff to break!

A website can be compared to a brick-and-mortar store. One day, you need to replace a broken window, the next day the POS isn’t working. There’s a tear in the showroom carpet that needs repairing, and your shelving needs updating. Okay, we get that and deal with all those problems appropriately. Why is it then, that we tend to ‘freak out’ when our website needs a fix? Reasonably expect issues and problems to come up with your website. The internet is constantly updating and rearranging itself. Expect links to break, or problems with email forwarding etc. Deal with these site issues with the same mindset as with your physical storefront. Don’t get mad, just figure out how to fix it, or recruit some help, so you can get on with business. All businesses need maintenance. Websites are no different.

Regular Website Maintenance Includes:

  • Check your analytics and make adjustments where necessary
  • Check your site’s security! Scan for malware
  • Contact Information Updates
  • Delete spam comments and other unused or outdated content
  • Eliminate dead links
  • Inventory Updates
  • Modernizing Website Style
  • Product Updates
  • SEO (keyword) Updates
  • Update your online portfolio

When you keep your website up to date and in professional working order, you send the message to your customers that you are a competent professional. If you are re-writing content, make sure to spellcheck your copywriting. All of these actions boost website performance so your site can fulfill its purpose. If your customers have a positive experience while visiting, they are more likely to stay longer and purchase your products or services. With a well-maintained website, you will build trust, and show up in a better position in website search engines so customers can find you.

Questions? Thoughts? We invite you to contact one of our business developers for a consultation.