Infotel Multimedia has just launched a new site rebuild for AdLib Art Gallery in West Kelowna! Our client needed updates to their current site, with new content, information, and responsive (mobile friendly) design. As artists, they were able to supply our design team with stunning images. Check out their Gallery page, which includes:

  • Abstract
  • Tofino
  • Impressionism
  • Okanagan Perspectives
  • Reflections in Glass
  • Hodge Podge
  • Ella Wald (Kargl)

Reasons to Rebuild

Responsive websites are optimized for mobile devices, making your site readable across multiple devices. In those micro-moments you have to capture the viewer’s attention, your site must create a positive experience for the end-user. Mobile friendly websites are favored by Google as a ranking signal and vital for business development. If you are running a non-responsive (static) website, you are running the serious risk of losing business. We would love to redesign your website for high rankings in Google and to encourage consumers to shop with you. To test if your website is responsive, please use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing page.

  • Newer Technologies are now available
  • Google loves up to date content and technology
  • Your business goals have changed
  • Your site was optimized for obsolete browsers
  • Your site relies on Flash

See their new listing in our directory.  Looking for web design services?  Infotel Multimedia is the Thompson Okanagan’s leading provider of marketing, advertising and web services. You can contact us by calling 250-260-7776 or toll-free at 1-800-599-5399.

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